1. Print Books 5 items
    1. Reflective practice: writing and professional development - Gillie Bolton, Russell Delderfield 2018


    2. Powerful techniques for teaching in lifelong learning - Stephen Brookfield 2013


    3. Reflective practice in the lifelong learning sector - Richard Malthouse, Richard Malthouse 2013


    4. Reflective teaching in schools - Andrew Pollard, Kristine Black-Hawkins 2014


    5. Six thinking hats - Edward De Bono 2000

      Book Recommended

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    Off-campus access to ebooks may involve some extra steps: MyiLibrary – ignore the MyiLibrary login boxes; select UK Access Management Federation, locate University of Bolton and login. Ebsco (Netlibrary) – ignore the Ebsco login boxes; select Shibboleth then find UK Higher Education and University of Bolton to login
    1. Reflective teaching in schools - MyiLibrary 2014 (electronic resource)


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  5. Researching for assignments 1 item
    As well as the recommended resources above. You will need additional academic information from books and especially journals. Academic databases contain articles from thousands of journals. There are several databases relevant to your subject, however, you can use our search engine Discover@Bolton to search most of them simultaneously. If you would like to see a list of relevant individual databases go to your subject tguide page - see link in Library Support section
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    1. LEAP Online

      Webpage  LEAP Online (formerly BISSTO) contains information on the skills you need to achieve to complete your studies. You may find the section on referencing particularly useful.

    2. Subject Guides: Teacher Training:

      Webpage  Access information and help regarding resources relevant to your subject here

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