1. Print Books 7 items
    1. Count me in: a report for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport - Centre for Leisure and Sport Research 2002

      Book Essential

    2. Examining sports development - Mike Collins 2010

      Book Essential

    3. The politics of sport development: development of sport or development through sport? - Barrie Houlihan, Anita White 2002


    4. Sport development: policy, process and practice - Kevin Hylton 2013

      Book Essential

    5. Sports development: policy, process and practice - Kevin Hylton, Peter Bramham 2007

      Book  This edition is acceptable, if you have problems accessing the third edition.

    6. Strategic sports development - Stephen Robson, Kirstie Simpson, Lee Tucker 2013

      Book Essential

  2. Ebooks 8 items
    1. Sport and social exclusion - Michael F. Collins, Great Britain, MyiLibrary 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    2. Sports development: policy, process and practice - Kevin Hylton, MyiLibrary 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    3. Sports development: policy, process and practice - Kevin Hylton, Peter Bramham 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book  Try this edition if you have problems with availability of the third edition.

    4. Strategic sports development - Stephen Robson, Kirstie Simpson, Lee Tucker, EBL ebooks 2013


    5. Human resource management in the sport and leisure industry - Chris Wolsey, Jeff Abrams, Sue Minten, EBSCO ebooks 2012


  3. Journals 10 items
    1. International review for the sociology of sport - International Committee for Sociology of Sport

      Journal  Print holdings.

    2. Sport in society

      Journal  Print holdings

    3. Sport in society

      Journal  Before 2004, this journal was titled Culture, Sport and Society

  4. Online documents 4 items
    1. Active Nation | Sport England

      Webpage  Download Towards an Active Nation 2016-21 from this webpage.

    2. Sport NI: Research Archive

      Webpage  Download Coalter: Sport and Community Development (2002) from this website.

  5. Websites 9 items
  6. Academic Databases 3 items
    Academic databases will help you find information from thousands of journals, books etc. The individual databases most relevant to your subject are listed below, but you can use the link in the Library Resources section to Discover@Bolton, the Library's integrated search service, to search them simultaneously.
    1. ProQuest Central

      Webpage  Full text journals collection. Some of the titles are embargoed for up to a year from publication before they are available on the database.

    2. ScienceDirect

      Webpage  Full text database with good coverage in your subject area.

    3. SportDISCUS

      Webpage  Abstracting and indexing database for your subject with full text access to over 500 journals.

  7. Library Resources 3 items
    1. LEAP Online

      Webpage  LEAP Online contains information on the skills you need to achieve to complete your studies. You may find the section on referencing particularly useful.

    2. Discover@Bolton

      Webpage  Discover@Bolton is a single search engine to search for books, ebooks, ejournals and other Library resources. Discover@Bolton allows you to search multiple databases at once via a single interface.

    3. Subject Guide for Sports Development and Coaching

      Webpage  Access information and help regarding library services and resources relevant to your subject here.

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