1. Print Books 7 items
    1. The ultimate live sound operator's handbook - Bill Gibson 2011


    2. Mechanical design for the stage - Alan Hendrickson, Colin Buckhurst 2008


    3. Sound and recording - Francis Rumsey, Tim McCormick 2009


    4. Live audio: the art of mixing a show - Dave Swallow 2010


  2. Ebooks 2 items
    Off-campus access to ebooks may involve some extra steps: MyiLibrary – ignore the MyiLibrary login boxes and select UK Access Management Federation, locate University of Bolton and click login. EBSCO (Net Library) – ignore the EBSCO login boxes and select Shibboleth and then find UK Higher Education and University of Bolton to login.
    1. Concert lighting : techniques, art and business - James L. Moody, Paul Dexter, MyiLibrary 2010 (electronic resource)


    2. Principles of digital audio - Ken C. Pohlmann, MyiLibrary 2011 (electronic resource)


  3. Academic Databases 2 items
    Academic databases will help you find information from numerous journals and magazines. The individual databases most relevant to your subject are listed below. Some of them are searchable via the Library’s integrated service, Discover@Bolton, listed below in the Library Resources section.
    1. Drama Online

      Webpage  Drama Online “provides contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides”. The University of Bolton has access to the Bloomsbury and Faber Collection.

    2. ProQuest Central

      Webpage  ProQuest Central is a multi-disciplinary database that covers over 150 subject areas. It includes full-text journal articles, trade publications, magazines, reports, newspapers and videos.

  4. Library Support 3 items
    1. Discover@Bolton | University of Bolton

      Webpage  Discover@Bolton is a single search engine to search for books, ebooks, ejournals and other Library resources. It allows you to search multiple databases simultaneously.

    2. LEAP Online

      Webpage  LEAP Online contains information on the skills you need to achieve to complete your studies. You may find the section on referencing particular useful.

    3. Subject Guides: Theatre

      Webpage  General information about Library services as well as subject specific information.

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